Iyengar yoga classes in Kitsilano, Vancouver

Foundational / Basic principles of the Iyengar method. These classes are for all students with no previous experience in Iyengar yoga.  Ideal for students that are new to yoga, and for ongoing experienced students who may choose to continue in this level of class.

Level 2  / Deepens students' understanding of the Asanas (postures) and works toward increased stamina.

Level 3 / Students are introduced to intermediate Asanas with an emphasis on finer detail and precision.

Level 4 / Further refinement of intermediate syllabus Asanas and Pranayama.

All levels / Mixed levels class, with a prerequisite of 1 year prior experience of  Iyengar yoga, or by permission of the teacher.  Early Risers is an All levels class.

Pranayama / Yogic breath control is taught within regular classes & A dedicated focus class for Pranayama is offered Thursdays AM.

Gentle or Restorative (1,2) / Classic Asanas are practiced with awareness for bodies that require more  support and slower pace. Ideal for students that are new to yoga, those  working with injury or chronic health conditions. Phone or email for information about an appropriate class.

Deepening Practice, 2020 dates as listed, Thursdays 1-4pm / see Schedules / 3-hour focus workshops

Drops-ins / During regular sessions (winter, spring,  summer, fall) drop-ins are by appointment only. Email or text/phone  prior to the class you would like to attend.

Private classes /  For individuals or groups, contact yoga@Studio-be.ca for rates and to book.

To confirm which classes and workshops are suitable for you, please contact yoga@Studio-be.ca