2019 Sessions

> WINTER    January 8 – April 13           14  weeks

> SPRING     April 30 – July 19                 11  weeks (not including June 11-13/studio closed for these dates)

> Summer   August 20 – 28                     9 days

> Fall             Sept 10 – December 21     15 weeks

SPRING          April 30 – July 19                 11 weeks  (not including June 11-13/studio closed for these dates)

Email to register: yoga@studio-be.ca

Fees are payable by e-Transfer or cheque. 

Per Session Registration Terms apply.


2019 SPRING Session :: Iyengar Yoga Classes


9:30 - 11:30 AM / 2,3,4

3 - 4:30 PM / Foundational

5:30 - 7 PM / All levels


9:30 - 11:30 AM / All levels


7 - 8:30 AM / All levels. EARLY RISERS

8:45 - 10:15 AM /  PRANAYAMA (see details below)


Monthly Friday DEEPENING PRACTICE Workshop-class > SPRING: specific dates > 8:30 - 11:30 AM Students must pre-register for each date they will attend. (see details below). $35. each date (includes gst). 


Pranayama Classes :: weekly

Thursdays, 8:45 – 10:15 AM.

Spring / 11 weeks ( not including June 11-13/studio closed for these dates)

If this is the one class a student registers for in the spring term, the cost is:  $297. includes gst / Makeups for any missed classes can be done any time in the regular classes, within the same session, even in advance of the to-be-missed date(s). or, Contact Studio-be for Partial Registration rates/terms.

If this is a  2nd spring session weekly class, the cost is: $253. includes gst.  Pranayama classes can be used for makeup of regular classes, by written permission of the instructor (request ahead of the class date you wish to attend). This class is not open for drop-in students who are not in regular classes at Studio-be. Any missed Pranayama classes can be made-up in Regular classes of the same session.


Deepening Practice :: Monthly, 3-hour Focus Workshop

For Iyengar yoga students with 1 year+ of regular classes, this 3-hour Workshop–Class on specific dates, Fridays 8:30-11:30 am, is aimed to support students in establishing, developing, and sustaining their personal practice. Pre-register by email and eTransfer. $35./date. (DP workshops cannot be used for makeups of regular classes).

2019 Deepening Practice dates (these happen only if enough students registered for each date):

Friday, May 17

Friday, Jun 14

Friday, July 5

Friday, Sept 13

Friday, Oct 11

Friday, Nov 18

Friday, Dec 6


Register by email: yoga@studio-be.ca 

Payment is required to hold your place in class.

We accept Cheques, or e-Transfer (preferred) .

New students are welcome to join at any time in the session.
Drop-ins are by appointment only.


Taxes are included in all fees.
Per Session Registration Terms apply.

Fees for  2019 SPRING session of classes:

$297. / 11 weeks of 1 Regular weekly class / SPRING session / includes GST

$253. for 2nd registered class of weekly PRANAYAMA  or Regular class / SPRING session / includes GST
$35./class for visitor single Drop-in to regular classes by appointment only. (no drop-ins in Pranayama class).

$27./class additional drop-in for Regular Registered students (ie. class attended in addition to the 11 classes in the SPRING term)

For Special registration requests (ie. Pre-paid Partial Registration, contact Valerie / yoga@studio-be.ca

Per Session Registration Terms

All fees include GST.  We accept cheques, cash, and e-transfers.  A  no-refund policy is in effect: no withdrawals or credits after start of  session. Fees are non-transferable. Makeups for classes missed by  students registered in the session are permitted within the same session of classes. Missed classes have no refund value, are non-tranferable, and cannot be carried  forward into the next session.  

> contact us for further information & to register